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Auditions will take place on the 7th of April 2018


Auditions will take place on 28th of July 2018


  There will unfortunately not be a My Dreams Festival in 2016.

The JSO is well known for its Concerto Festivals. Since 1949 the JSO has been providing  a platform for young soloists to perform a concerto with a full symphony orchestra.Most of the well-known musicians and teachers in the country played their debut with the JSO. The June Festival is for soloists under the age of 14 years, and the November Festival is for soloists under the age of 25. Soloists are from all over the country and Namibia, are of all races, and range in age from as young as 5 to 24 years.

The orchestra provides the final step of a child’s education before he embarks on a career in music.  The entire country benefits from the service provided for young musicians. Without this final test, the musician will have less confidence to tackle the international arena.

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The JSO Concerto festivals


Some of the more than 500 soloists who made their debut with the orchestra at Concerto Festivals are:

Ralph Kastner Teacher and member of the National Symphony Orchestra
Alan Solomon Professor of music, Pretoria University, now in the USA.
Vincent Fritelli Professor of music, Dallas, Texas and ex-leader of the National Symphony Orchestra
Gerrit Bon Professor of music, University of Cape Town
Marian Lewin Principal cello, National Symphony Orchestra, now at UCT.
Andre de Groote First South African winner of the Van Cliburn piano competition in America.
Gerhard Korsten Conductor of the PACT Orchestra, now in Italy.
Anton Nel Professor of music, Dallas, Texas
Gina Beukes Ex-leader of the Cape Town Symphony Orchestra, now in London.
Deon van der Walt World famous tenor

Soloists are invited to take part in the auditions for the individual festivals. Please see the categories below for more details.